Re: [gnome-db]Here we have our main competitor ...

On 19 Apr 2001 06:05:01 +0200, Henri Girard wrote:
> you see at user for me the usefull tools is the more
> convivial one... And if windows has become a culture
> it's because microsoft spend a lot of research for
> it.. I tried gDBA.. And i couldn't use it because it's
> not well explain how to connect a database... from the
> nice interface... I think developper should write or
> guide people more on this points !
yes, we're aware of this, and we're rewriting some of the screens,
because they were too confusing before. You can have a look at the
progress on this so far in the CVS version.

> So i will look at rekall and tell you if i have the
> same problem ! lol
yes, please, any suggestions would be very welcomed!


Rodrigo Moya <rodrigo gnome-db org> <rodrigo ximian com>

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