[gnome-db]Re: GConf Path and Keys

On 16 Apr 2001 07:40:57 -0300, Cleber Rodrigues Rosa Junior wrote:
> Hi Rodrigo,

Hi Cleber!

> Based on the recent discussions on the list, and also because
> I'm looking into the much needed command line configuration
> utility for libgda, I'd like to have some specs on the gda config.
> I mean, the config path base is /apps/gda, right? What keys are
> there? What values do they expect? I guess I could get that
> from the source code, but I think it could be too much work, and
> the result not accurate. This kind of info should be kept somewhere
> in the docs aswell.

yes, /apps/gda is the config path base, changed the other day. You can
see all the available config sections and keys in the file
/libgda/lib/gda-common/gda-config.h. I think all the current ones are
listed there.

If you could write a small chapter for the docs about this, that would
be great!

Also, if you want to work on a command line tool, I would recommend to
leave gda-config as it is right now (that is, just as a tool to obtain
the compilation and linking flags to compile GDA applications), and do a
new tool (gda-shell, for example), which allows both to manage GDA
configuration from the command line as well as to open connections and
execute SQL commands (that is, like psql or mysql or Oracle's sqlplus).
I think this would be a valuable tool when you don't want to install all
the GNOME part.

Rodrigo Moya <rodrigo gnome-db org> <rodrigo ximian com>

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