Re: report IDL

> > Why don't add the TO_XML option as someone suggest before?, this option
> > gaves us the report with all the data filled and if someone wants to
> > play with it directly it could :-)
> To furhter add to the confusion. 
> Which version of HTML ?  Isn't HTML defined as an SGML DTD and should it not be 
> possible to tell which DTD to use ?
> Many HTML document starts with the following line:
> <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN" 
>   "";>
you've got a point here. We could either use a basic HTML version (3.2
comes to mind) or define several TO_HTMLx, where x is the version,
although I don't like this later solution.

> Also is it good to have the converter as an enum that has to changed
> added to every time a new format is created ? Why not simple
> a string identifying which converter to use ?
> Using enums is basically a no-no if one want to be able to
> extend the system with user-written converters.
> There is a need for a factory object where people can add their own
> converters - for example when converting the report data to a propriatory 
> format for inclusion into a legaxy system.
you're also right. What about adding a method to the report engine to
register converters? In that case, instead of using the enum, we'll use
a string as you propose.


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