RE: GNOME-DB 0.1.0 released!

> GNOME-DB 0.1.0 (a.k.a. olympius) has been released.

Congratulations to all that made this happen!

gnome-db is a great project!

Being a man that lives in the future, this leads me to the question:
what steps will we perform next? :)

Two things are of great interest for the GNUe team:
* Are there still any real gnome-dependencies in libgda, or is it
just the cleanup of the #include's that is missing?
* Will you switch to glib 1.3 to remove GTK dependencies in libgda,
or will you wait for 1.4 (the latter would result in some problems
for us, because we need to run libgda on servers that don't even
have X installed).

If there is any chance that we can help speed up deXify libgda,
we will _gladly_ do what we can. We just don't want to duplicate
work that you are doing currently, too.
Please let us just know what to do.

BTW: I will update the Quick Hacker's Guide for 0.1.0 and send you
soon. Did you already change something (or have something in mind
that should be changed) so let me know.

Reinhard Müller
GNU Enterprise
reinhard gnue org

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