New Testing program


In the testing subdirectory is a program named "gda-test" which one can use
to see if libgda and the providers work correctly. It is _very_ alpha at the
moment, but I want to extend it to a complete test suite for libgda, and to
a diagnostic system that even tells you some hints on how to proceed if
an error occures.

So please especially for all that try to install libgda: if the installation is
finished and make && make install didn't report fatal errors, but gda doesn't
run, gda-test should show some helpful information. If it doesn't, please
report to me what was wrong, so that I can add that case to the ones
that are checked.

Rodrigo: Maybe a hint in the readme file about gda-test would be helpful.
Reinhard Müller
GNU Enterprise
reinhard gnue org

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