Re: Some ideas about report

> Hi Carlos,
> while doing the XML-output-part of my report-design-tool, I had the following ideas:
> We have a three level structure for the report:
> Report
>   |
>   +-- Section  (reportheader, pageheader, ....)
>          |
>          +-- Element  (label, field, ...)
> but we have default values for the styles (bgcolor, fgcolor, ...) only for the whole report.
> It would be usefull, to also have default values for each section.
> The strategy when rendering the report should be:
> if element has attribute then use it
> else if section has attribute then use it
> else if report has attribute then use it
> else use hard wired default (or error ???)
> This of course requires to change the DTD a lot.
> I also would like to add two new attributes to all items (sections and elements):
> active (yes|no)  "yes"
> All elements with active="no" should be ignored when processing/rendering the report
> visible (yes|no) "yes"
> This attribute is for internal use of the designer and should be ignored by other applications.

I see all this OK, it's a good idea!!

Please send me the new DTD (developed from the CVS one, please) and I
will prepare the definitive IDL.


> ---------------------
> Gerhard

Carlos Perell&#-31; Mar&#-54;n
carlos hispalinux es
Valencia - Espa&#-54;a

Y tu, ya has Evolucionado?, p&#-31;sate a Evolution :-)

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