RE: Using gnome-db in Glade

>===== Original Message From Rodrigo Moya <rodrigo linuxave net> =====
>> >you need the latest CVS glade version to compile it successfully. The
>> >gda-ui.h file was renamed to gnome-db.h, so this is only fixed in the
>> >CVS version.
>> >
>> >cheers
>> Running Debian 2.2 woody.
>> Having a problem with CVS.  Now clear that I don't know what I am doing.
>> Any quick tips on how to do this.
>> So far:
>>    /usr/local/glade-0.5.9/macros ./ ........
>>       returns "Permission Denied"
>well, if I've understood well, you'll just have to:
>chmod +x
>or run it directly with:
>or is it another thing?

This gave me a bunch of file missing messages.

Pursuing this question may well be more appropriate to the Glade list and I 
can post there if you advise.

I have been all over the Gnome cvs site, multiple versions of cvs 
documentation, mailing archives, but have not figured out how to connect to 
this process.  I can build local cvs system.

Shouldn't I have to do something like
  cvs -d

Can you give me a walk-thru?


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