Re: Another ting about autoconf...

>>>>> On 09 Sep 2000 16:36:22 -0100,
>>>>> "CPM" == Carlos Perello Marin <carlos hispalinux es> wrote:

CPM> Well, i have modify the gda-report.dtd to use autoconf to locate the
CPM> gda-xml-report.dtd.

CPM> I have rename this as and then used the macro
CPM> @datadir@, but i couldn't get the correct path, any idea?

CPM> Please, i need help.

well, Can't it be solved if you generate gda-xml-report.dtd
to the stuff which seems to be sed not to use autoconf?

I think that this problem can't be solved with configure.
therefore you need to include a rule to generate
gda-xml-report.dtd in Makefile.

Best regards,

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