Re: gda-odbc-server problem

>>>>> On Wed, 06 Sep 2000 22:38:30 +0100,
>>>>> "NG" == Nick Gorham <nick lurcher org> wrote:

NG> Well I built the driver with unixODBC, using ODBC 3 constants, it should work with iODBC, it
NG> may be worth trying iODBC 3.5 but SQL_TYPE_DATE should be defined at the least in sql.h.

I don't know whether it's defined with iODBC 3.0.4
Beta. but, currently, because people can use only 2.50.3 in
woody, I think that this support is necessary.
and, AFAIK unixODBC which people can use with Debian doesn't

If you hope, I will make a patch for iODBC. but, I delete
function, if not replaced by substituted stuff?


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