RE: GNOME-DB 0.1.0 released!

> > > BTW: I will update the Quick Hacker's Guide for 0.1.0 and send you
> > > soon. Did you already change something (or have something in mind
> > > that should be changed) so let me know.
> > > 
> > I haven't done anything, so it would be great if you try to merge it
> > with the current docs (libgda/doc/C/libgda.sgml).
> I did the update this evening and committed it to gnue cvs. As soon as
> some proofreading has been done, I will send it to you per email - or if
> you like you can check it out yourself.
> Actually I don't like the thought of merging it with the existing documentation,
> because it adresses an other audience. The existing documentations describes
> libgda from a user's view (user = a programmer that writes a program that
> calls libgda functions), and the QHG describes it from a hacker's view
> (hacker = somebody that wants to understand and/or change the code of
> libgda itself).
> But certainly it's up to you to decide.
you're right, it should be a separated document. So, as soon as you
want, please
add it to libgda CVS.

I'm going to move the CVS accounts problem.


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