Re: glonglong?

Oh... :) Oops.. I just saw the file, and thought I should wrap around it. :)
Um...I will go ahead and take out my gdaValue class, but when (if) we
support a C-struct, I can easily add the C++ class at that time.

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Subject: Re: glonglong?

> Chris Wiegand wrote:
> >
> > I'm trying to compile the C++ bindings, however, I have a question:
> >
> > Where does glonglong come from? gda-value.h lines 27 and 28 reference to
> > glonglong and gulonglong, but I can't find them on my system.
> >
> Well, it seems this file is not being used, it's a work started to also
> wrap the GDA_Value CORBA structure. So, forget about this file.
> Cheers

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