Re: creating databases

Hi Mike!

> > This is maybe because you are running gdafe out of a gnome environment
> > (maybe KDE?). You need to start gnome-session in your X startup files.
> > But again, never mind, since this will allow gnome-db to run ok, the
> > only thing is that you won't get session management.
> Afraid not - the only tme  I am not in gnome is ewhen  am not running a
> window manager ie: in the console

Are you maybe running gdafe as another user than the one you used to log in
into gnome? Because this message happens to me when I run a gnome app as root,
for example, within a gnome session started with user 'rodrigo'.

> > > Anyone got any ideas
> > >
> > > BTW I did get a ton errors while making ainly to do with the gda
> > library
> > >
> > Can you send us the compilation output?

Again, please send us the make output.

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