Hi all!

Nick, I've made some little additions to the code you committed
yesterday. I've only added a call to gda_server_error_make whenever an
error occurs (though I only did this on the gda-odbc-connection.c file,
so you should do the same with the other files). This is needed for
sending errors back to the client. And I also changed (in
gda-odbc-connection.c) the order of:




this is when an error occurs in the call to SQLConnect. As it was
before, the program hanged in the call to SQLFreeConnect. I think it
might be because you have to free the HENV before the HDBC.

But the rest was working pretty well, with one crash when disconnecting,
but this happens also in the new MySQL provider, so it is sure a bug in
the library, which I'll investigate very soon.


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