Re: Gnome-db report engine's DTD

Carlos Perelló Marín wrote:
> Hello, i was working this weekend, i have been reading the
> reportviewer-0.2.tgz's DTD and (now, perhaps when i learn XML...) i
> think it's ok. I have change only the reference to the data source, they
> use another XML file, but i have put a XML query (I don't know how i
> must reference into this DTD the Vivien's DTD).
I've got no idea neither. I'll also have a look at the XML docs to find

> Well the friday i will finish my exams, i promis start to learn XML...
Ok, but first, pass all your exams!

> Bye.
> P.S.: I have change my subscription's email address and i don't know if
> all is Ok. Plese Rodrigo, fordward this message if not.
Yes, it's ok. I had to accept a message you had sent before subscribing,
but the other one you sent reached the list, so it seems to work.

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