notices on front end

I'm running RH7 with ORBit-0.5.6, oaf-0.6.1, bonobo-0.31 and GConf-0.11
upgraded from eazel hourly distro (200012270216-200012270216). 
Also upgraded/updated the build environment from RH mirror and some
packages from RH7 dir.

some problems/notices:
- gnome-db configure doesn't check whether gal and libglade devels are
- the purpose of online help system is unclear to me, could it be just
 on the help menu to open gnome-help separately?
- at least the connect is now successful (thanks, Rodrigo)
- the provider manager doesn't reflect the status of providers (seems like
down while the process actually runs). Can't shut down the provider either.
kill -HUP doesn't shut the provider down. kill -KILL helps.
- sometimes making connection in the database component fails somehow
leaving the opening connection popup window open/sometimes closes it, but
the connection is made successfully in the second attempt. This only
happens with the mysql provider. Postgres provider seems to be ok the first
- in the database sql widget running a select query always fails, two
Error Viewer windows pop up with two messages:
IDL:CORBA/BAD_OPERATION:1.0: An Error occured in the CORBA system.
%s: An Error occured in the CORBA system.
The other error viewer window only shows 1/1, but contains actually 2
like the first one. browsing around the messages, closing first window,
clicking 'next' on the other crashes the database component.
As you can guess, no grid with database rows appears :) What's the
appropriate orbit/oaf/bonobo version to use?
gda-test works ok with postgres provider and the browser shows the
table structures (Types page should have a bigger text widget).
- otherwise, good work! (what about the etable that can be
modified and the database data updated afterwards, this would make
it a whole lot more usable?)


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