Re: Types of commands.

On 20 Dec 2000 18:27:04 +0100, David Marín wrote:
> Hi all.
> I'm adapting our ASPL-Fact database-access module for using libgda
> instead of libpq.
> I've found the next undocumented functions:
> gulong          gda_command_get_cmd_type     (Gda_Command* cmd);
> void            gda_command_set_cmd_type     (Gda_Command* cmd, gulong
> flags);
> How many kinds of cmd_types are there?   What are their meaning?

In libgda/idl/GDA.idl, there is an enum:

enum CommandType

which is the type of the command, but, sorry, this is not implemented
yet. I had forgotten about it, but now that you've reminded it to me,
I'll look at what needs to be done. And, in fact, thanks David, since I
think this can be used for the XML queries: that is, we can add a
CMD_XML value to the enum, and then, have the provider act as needed
depending on the command's type. How does this sound?

What I don't know/remember is what CMD_TABLEDIRECT is for. Any ideas?

David, for the moment, forget about the command type.


> Thank you.
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