Hi all!

I forgot to tell you that I've changed all the OAFIIDs (CORBA object
implementation identifiers) both in libgda and gnome-db. Also, I've
changed the names of the .oafinfo files.

This has been done to conform with the new GNOME/OAF namespace. That is,
the OAFIIDs are now of the form:


note that they all have to be included in the GNOME namespace, since
this has been decided in gnome-components-list
(http://mail.gnome.org/mailman/listinfo/gnome-components-list) with the
wide use GNOME is getting lately in mind. Also, note that the [horrible]
UUIDs (the big number at the end of the OAFIIDs) have disappeared, which
is, IMO, a very good thing, since now the OAFIIDs are human readable and
not a big-chunk-of-words-and-numbers-that-nobody-can-read. Also having
OAFIIDs using a clear namespace as this one makes it easier for

Also, oafinfo files must follow this rules, and now are not called
anymore gda-*.oafinfo, or gnomedb-*.oafinfo, but:


The GNOME_DB_ and GNOME_GDA_ subnamespaces have been reserved for
GNOME-DB (see in  bonobo/doc/NAMESPACE, in the Bonobo sources), so we
can create any subsubnamespace as we like.

All this means that before running a GNOME-DB/libGDA version from CVS,
you must remove the $prefix/share/oaf/gda-*.oafinfo and
$prefix/share/oaf/gnomedb-*.oafinfo. Also, you'll have, through the
GNOME-DB manager component, to change all your "Provider" entries in all
your data sources to the new providers' OAFIIDs


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