Re: gnome-db-interbase RPM?

Rodrigo Moya escribió:

> Chris Woodruff wrote:
> >
> > I cannot compile gnome-db tarball on my machine due to failures to find
> > certain libraries (Orbit and bonobo) during configure.  I have these
> > installed from the helixcode RPM collection.  So I downloaded the RPM's
> > for gnome-db and they install just fine.  But I need to have access to
> > an Interbase db.  Does anyone know if there is a gnome-db-interbase rpm
> > someplace or if there are lans to build one soon?
> >
> Hi Chris!
> No, there isn't a gnome-db-interbase RPM yet, as the interbase part is
> still incomplete. To use it, you should get the source code compiled.
> Maybe if you send us the output of configure so that we can check what
> the problem is.

Perhaps you haven't installed the bonobo-devel and oaf-devel packages?

> Cheers
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