gnome-db control and properties

Hi Rodrigo!

I've downloaded the modifications you've made to gnome-db-control, and that is
OK. Anyway, I have two little problems here:

1 - using properties
In my view, the properties values are stored in a data field of the widget
which will be in a bonobo control (using gtk_object_set_data()). So the
user_data that need to be given to the get/set properties functions must be a
pointer to the actual widget. This is what is done, AFAIK, with the call line
100 of file gnome-db-control.c.
The problem is that when a client wants to get a property, the user_data given
to the get_property function (by the bonobo framework) is set to NULL! 
I think it is a bonobo bug, but I could not find it in the bonobo sources. What
do you think?

2 - naming issues
I agree with you that the naming if the components needs to be correctly set. I
think what you propose is the good solution. If I understand correctly, if an
app wants to have the users config control, if the gda datasource is 
[Postgres-Native] (where Provider=gda-postgres), it will have to ask for the
We should thus make this a naming convention, and set valid names for services
(like 'config-userss'). 
If it is OK with you, I will start to enumerate services for which a provider
can 'export' a bonobo control.



PS: nice to have some hollidays :)

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