TODO list

Hi all!

I am desperately looking for people wanting to help to speed up
development to get to the 0.1 release, the first one complete and with a
good architecture (IMO), so, just in case one of these people is
listening, here is a list of things to do:

* as mentioned in a previous mail, the gda-build* shell scripts
* common server framework (I'm on it right now)
* gda-builder: this will be a development environment for
database-oriented apps, for making clients, servers, and more things
such as services (CORBA objects) to be called from client apps (I'm
starting on it right now)
* expand the gda-ui library (Olivier Nenert <>
looks as the best candidate for this, pay attention to his ideas)
* include all gtk-doc generated documentation in the docs and modify
makefiles so that when I do 'make dist', the HTML docs are generated and
included in the .tar.gz.
* if the GnomeDbDataset widget is to be done (one of Olivier's ideas), a
Gda_Dataset object is needed, which means modifying the CORBA interfaces
(gda/*.idl files)
* cache in the Gda_Recordset/Gda_Dataset object
(gda-clnt/gda-recordset.*), that is, store all fetched data in some
place to be able to access it later, for things such as database cursor
* Rework the ODBC manager client library to use the GNOME configuration
* The GDA manager: this will be a tool for managing server-specific
configuration files (or whatever). For this, a "configuration driver"
must be written for each data source server. For instance, the oracle
driver will add or modify entries in the tnsnames.ora file, the ODBC
driver will modify the odbc.ini file, etc

And, as soon as the server framework is finished:
* terminate the oracle server (somebody out there knowing Oracle 8's
OCI?), the PostgreSQL server, the MySQL server, the ODBC server
* do the sybase and the ldap servers (somebody?)
* modify all current servers to make use of the gda-buildserver script
* add new servers

So, again, if you feel like some of these things are very easy for you,
do it please!!!


BTW, is there somebody on the list???

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