RE: Compile failure

Yes sure...
what linux distribution are you running ?
I am myself running Lnux-mandrake 6.1
and the package in question is
if you want, I can send it to you, but you must have
a Mandrake or Red-Hat system to install it..
(also, you should tell me where I can let you the rpm,
I don't know if your mail account allows you to receive big files)
(though it shouldn't be a big rpm after all, but I don't have it right now,
so that I can't
tell you the exact size)


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Fecha: Miércoles, 10 de Noviembre de 1999 03:14 p.m.
Asunto: Re: Compile failure

>Sure?, I can't find any package named gnome-print-* ...
> alfreod
>Olivier Nenert wrote:
>> the package you need is (at list this one so far)
>> gnome-print-devel
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