Re: [gnome-cyr] [Bug 58785] Changed - Wrong display of Nonascii in bookmarks imported from Mozilla

On 13 Aug 2001, Yanko Kaneti wrote:


 OK, I raised the concern on gnome-hackers, in thread 'Thinking about
Dogfood'. It didn't arrive to list yet ('message has implicit destination' - I 
tried two times placing gnome-hackers@ in To: and Cc:), and it can be
previewed in archives (bug in list manager? - unapproved mails are archived

> you did make your point very clear and raised valid concerns about the
> ximian devlopers attitude to i18n, thanks for your time explaining this
> to me and the audience of the gnome-cyr list, now what more you can do
> to make things better?
> with your experience on the matter you should try and make your point in
> a place that is more visible to all people interested, evolution-hackers
> and gnome-hackers for instance.
> giving some concrete examples of i18n slack, of easy bugs waiting to be
> fixed for months or patches not applied in a timely manner can be
> somehow damaging to a developers reputation and i am sure they will take
> good care of these. 

 I didn't provide a proof like this there - just a summary.

> i personally remember one such lettter from you on the gnome-hackers
> list, but i must say that your plea for a job at ximian did not make a
> good favor for it. imho if you did fix a bug after bug after bug this
> job would have come to you naturaly, or not but you would have already
> earned the name of "i18n guru with regards to ximian software"

 Yes, it started a thread in which i18n-related problems with Evolution were
disclosed by me too.
 Unfortunately I don't have time to work for free a whole month fixing bug
after bug etc for free and I'm very pessimistic about the results such active
bugfixing will give.

> and yeah we should cry for a person responsible for the i18n at ximian,
> as you said ther is currently no one it seems.

 Did so in my mail.

> ok now would you rise these things to the public once again? you have
> enough experience to be convincing.

 What do you think about that message?

 Best regards,

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