[gnome-cy] KGyfieithu - current progress

Just to report on this:

1) The draft letter is up at www.gyfieithu.co.uk/letter_w.html.  It's a bit of 
a ra-ra piece, and may actually be better just sent out as a press-release 
rather than a letter.  (The reference on the website to sending out is a bit 
previous, but it won't be by this week, if you see what I mean.)  It's about 
one A4 length, and there will be an annex drawing on the sort of background 
stuff already on Kyfieithu (still being edited and added to, and about to be 
translated).  I've tried to keep a complex area fairly simple, and not to 
knock alternative operating systems :-)  Any views on facts, balance, 
recipients, etc would be welcome. I still need a Gnome contact - Gareth, can 
I put you down?  

2) As you will have seen from the above, gyfieithu.co.uk is now resolving to 
the same location as kyfieithu.co.uk.  The logo has been changed, but the 
page texts still need editing.  I am also coming to the conclusion that 
KGyfieithu mewn KGant looks too odd unless you know the background, so I 
might just go back to Kyfieithu mewn Kant (pace Rhoslyn).

3) Thanks to Alan, I now have a little nest of Gnome files, and I selected a 
small but perfectly-formed subset to go up there (ie most of the ones with 
gnome_ prefixes), so that there are roughly equal numbers of KDE and Gnome 
strings.  There's a bit too many up, actually - I would like to keep the 
total to around 25 for speed reasons - but they'll do.  The total there now 
is 14,500 strings.

4) Kartouche did the import of all 57 Gnome files in about 40 seconds, but 
since you have a slightly different naming convention anything after the 
first . was chopped.  I'll add these back later - I don't feel like hacking 
into the import filter again at this point .... One file (gtk+) also contains 
an illegal character for a MySQL tablename, so it is up there as gtk_plus.  
Test exports SEEM to be OK, but you can never tell.  I attach one below for 
interest.  If there is in fact anything awful wrong with it, please let me 
know at once.

5) I would love to get Evolution (even though I personally would never use it)
translated in time for the Eisteddfod.  But it's a bit of a monster - it will 
probably need to be split into 3 chunks for translation.

Anyway, most things seem ready to go now, so in a couple of months we will 
know whether this was a Good Idea or a Colossal Waste of Time.

Best wishes


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