Re: [gnome-cy] po file tools: msgconv

Hi Alan 

On Monday 07 April 2003 10:49 am, you wrote:
> They contained a mix of iso8859-14, utf-8 and things like ^w to indicate
> w (which is fine and I suggested to Chris to do that if it was a
> problem). The cleaned up ones are UTF-8

OK - perhaps the next batch will be tidier (we live in hope!)

> > > > (2) read each file through Kartouche to give a MySQL table
> > > You want to turn it UTF8 first, or remember the string language in the
> > > table
> > But if I set my PC (and Kartouche - see below) to UTF-8 this should
> > happen automatically, no?  That is, the encoding will always be in UTF-8,
> > so there will be no danger of putative infoloss during the process?
> If you just copy bytes as is you don't change the format. UTF-8 is
> defined so that ascii is unmodified and neither NUL nor / occur in
> multibyte characters.

Ah, I see you are a Zen master in your spare time.   I take it I'm OK if I use 
UTF-8 as the locale setting. 

> Under utf-8 you should be getting �st fine (I'm doing
> shift-right-alt, ^o). May depend on your keyboard mappings as to what
> the compose key is

OK - I'll investigate - plainly something to bug the SuSE lot about anyway.

> > Various strings in the files now display oddly, so I'll change those as I
> > meet them, unless I come up with a cunning plan.
> Some were displaying oddly before

Touch�.. :-)

> Cool. I didn't know it was so simple with forms 8)

(worried grin) perhaps it isn't, but it just isn't obvious yet .....

> BLOB is not needed. The unicode people wanted to be sure that as far as
> possible dumb non UTF-8 aware apps did roughly the right thing with
> utf-8.

Ah - this is indeed something new to me. Interesting.

> Sounds right to me

Phew - so at least I'm pointed in the right direction ...

> Grin.. its just in some languages toupper(tolower(x))== x is not always
> true 8)

Well, of course - I thought you were referring to some *non-obvious* statement 
....  (grin!)

Thank you very much indeed for sharing your knowledge of encodings with me, 
and filling in a few gaps in void.brain.

Best wishes


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