Re: [gnome-cy] po file tools: msgconv

On Iau, 2003-04-03 at 20:37, Kevin Donnelly wrote:
> As pot files are imported into Kartouche, the header is rewritten.  The 
> current version includes "charset=UTF-8" in that, on the grounds that this is 
> what the file will be eventually.  But msgconv, sensibly, rejects this: it 
> sees a UTF-8 header on a file that is not UTF-8, and says:
> <location> invalid multibyte sequence
> msgconv: found <n> errors
> The header therefore has to read "charset=ISO-8859-1", and Kartouche's 
> behaviour has been changed to reflect this.  This allows msgconv to do its 
> stuff.

That conversion is lossy. For non original C locale souce you cannot do
this. You must retain full encoding properties (ie UTF-8 is about the
only choice). At the point you meet a non C or 8859-1 encoded file you
can only safely convert it to/from unicode space, not into iso 8bit 

For the Gnome case UTF-8 is mandatory. GNOME doesn't support not utf-8
encoded files.


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