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Alan Cox wrote:

I've cleaned up some of the translated po files and built Red Hat 9
packages of them. There are some glitches (it looks like kyfiethu may
have eaten bits of entries of the form


I've done RH9 to ensure current stuff is being targetted, and also to
sidestep a complication with RH8. As more stuff is translated I'll
merge those and build new packages

Take your Red Hat 9 box
As root type
	'localedef -i cy_GB -f UTF-8 cy_GB.UTF-8'

	This creates a UTF-8 cy locale to go with the ISO8859-14 one

For users:

Edit ~/.i18n
Change or add

rpm -Uvh with the packages found on*

1.	You may need to play with the font settings to get nice fonts.
2.	Panel has missing/buggy translations for:

"Please check your permissions of the parent directory\n"

Missing the "Details: " all over
Missing Details: no application available to open file
Missing Running in \"Lockdown\" mode
Missing The panel will now exit

I've also dropped in translations from the glossary for keywords in
gtk and libgnomeui, which provide a large chunk of the
icons/buttons/dialogs as well as gedit for testing.

Kevin - if you send me a set of KDE .po files I'll roll RH9 KDE RPMS

Alan, there may be some stuff which could be of use to you on the Mandrake Linux page.

The .po files are freely available for any use and I would be pleased to see them used as much as poss.

The latest Mandrake 9.1 has now been released as a download, the commercial version is due in mid April. The Welsh translaton covers the installation routine, settings and desktop menus. It looks ok, even if I say so myself. :-)



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