Re: [gnome-cy] Gnome RPMs

This is very cool.  I'm quite relieved it has worked at all ....

On Wednesday 02 April 2003 1:22 pm, Alan Cox wrote:
> I've cleaned up some of the translated po files and built Red Hat 9
> packages of them. There are some glitches (it looks like kyfiethu may
> have eaten bits of entries of the form
> "blah
> "\n"
> "blah"
> )

The little rotter.  Can you give me one or two references, so that I can look 
at them in more detail and see what caused the problem?

> I've done RH9 to ensure current stuff is being targetted, and also to
> sidestep a complication with RH8. As more stuff is translated I'll
> merge those and build new packages

Nice.  If people get these running, can they consider sending me a screenshot 
to put on the site - it would make more sense than the Zulu one.

> Kevin - if you send me a set of KDE .po files I'll roll RH9 KDE RPMS
> too.

Oh, that's awfully decent of you.  I'm reading up on CVS at the minute, 
tussling with the KDE commit process, and wondering about compiling the pots 
myself, so it would be nice to have someone sensible look at them as well.  
I'll put together what I've got, and send it to you tomorrow.

Best wishes


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