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Meant to send this to the list, accidentally typed admin. Sorry for the 

By the way, gnome-cy pengwyn linux org uk works now :)


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On Fri, 6 Sep 2002, Gareth Bowker wrote:

> It's a bit bare right now - Rhys, do you mind if I take some of the
> links from your page to put on it? I'll add the i18n list to the page in
> a mo too.

Dim problem. I maybe wouldn't use the stuff I had to dredge Google for
(newsgroup postings and the like), but the other stuff is fine.

Minor nitpick: I think it's "ymuno &circa;'r rhestr" rather than "ymuno y 
rhestr". and I'd make it an "&circa; fi" in the Welsh contact bit.
Other than that, great. Many thanks. Diolch.

Had a chat with Telsa earlier; the result of that was a skeleton language 
policy. Essentially, Welsh and English should, we think, be allowed on 
this list, with the understanding that if technical GNOME-related matters 
are to be discussed, a reply is more likely to be generated if the 
question is asked in English. Welsh-only postings are fine and appropriate 
to a list that is, after all, dedicated to translating a set of software 
into, er, Welsh.

Any comments on that, Gareth?


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