Re: When a bonobo call is executed in my object?

В Пнд, 15/05/2006 в 09:36 -0300, Carlos Eduardo Rodrigues Diógenes
> Hi,
> When my object is running it's executing a lot of computations. When
> this object receive a bonobo call, how it's processed? Can someone
> explaim how is the flow from the client call until my code?
> Thanks.

Usually server is running a mainloop, and periodically checks/polls
socket for incoming messages. If your program blocks mainloop during
request processing, object may not respond to other client requests. 

Although this scheme can be more complicated - POA may be configured to
run all requests in separate thread, run every request in separate
thread and so on. Request processing scheme depends on your own.

Look into the into orbit-adaptor.h for additional information. Here is
the example of usage:

Please note that threaded programming is quite complicated, you should
be very careful.

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