Re: GtkFileChooser and BonoboStorage

В сообщении от Вторник 10 Февраль 2004 22:16 Federico Mena Quintero 
> On Fri, 2004-02-06 at 09:55, nshmyrev wrote:
> > I'm interesting in exploring Bonobo_Storage object with GtkFileChooser.
> >  I know, this can be implemented with new interfaces, but is this work
> >  already done somewhere?
> I don't think anyone has done something like that.  Go for it.
>   Federico

Hello, I have done trial implementation of bonobo file system storage. One 
downloaded it from and it should 
compile with gtk-2.3.2. But after implementing it, I've understood that it was 
quite crazy idea to do such things. There are a number of serious problems:

1. Critical bug in gnome-vfs file:// Bonobo_Storage implementation should be 
fixed first. Please, someone, apply small patch attached before 2.6.

2. There are things that can't be implemented in Bonobo_Storage based file 
system. For example there is no mtime for streams in storage, 
so the file chooser can display only dummy modification times. May be, 
definition of mtime can be added to Bonobo_Storage.idl?. 

For example, gtk+-2.3.1 always shows warning dialog at startup that there is 
no directory /home/user. Of course, there is no home directory 
in Bonobo_Storage, but there is no way to tell file chooser implementation 
about it.  The gtk+-2.3.2 even crashes with segfault in this case.
If file system does not have bookmarks, the buttons for bookmarks confuse user 
with warnings about it. 

The things that would be nice to implement:

1. Customization of columns in file chooser dialog, so user can see 
modification times, file names or sizes.
2. Customization of default shortcuts, so if file system has no home 
directory, user will not see it in shortcuts.
3. Customization of bookmarks. May be, generic bookmarks interface can be 
defined and implemented in all file systems, so if file system doesn't 
implement this interface, the bookmarks buttons will hide.

I would be happy, if this work can be done and can help, it there would be 
decision on the problems above.

                				N. Shmyrev.

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