Re: Privatizing 'linc' ...

>> I was under the impression that linc could be more widely useful if people
>> actually knew about it? (Is there a need for linc, gnet, libgtcpsocket,
>> etc., or can we get the functionality of the latter two into a platform lib
>> through linc at some stage?)
>I was precisely thinking on having a libgnomenetwork in gnome-network,
>and so have been looking at those libraries you mention. It is indeed a
>good idea if we could merge all those in a networking platform library.

I am fully agree. Look, there is no standart network library in whole gnome project, no support for network in glib-based applications!!! 
For example, I wish to use RPC, sendmail or other protocol. How can I do this? Should I write <something>-protocol by myself?

Merge all these libraries in gnome-network, or, better network libriary, dependent only from glib, like link, it will be much better.

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