Re: Bonobo and printing

Michael Meeks wrote:

Hi Jean,

On Sat, 2003-07-05 at 09:32, Jean Bréfort wrote:
I would like to add some printing capablility to some Bonobo components.
In Bonobo_Print.idl, I read the following comment about the render
I could not find out what is a gnome-print Meat Stream and how to create
one. Why not use a GnomePrintContext?

	;-) The simple reason is that that is a process local resorce. We have
to stream to a meta context, then to a stream, then re-render locally to
the master context.

Some help would be gratefully welcomed.

	There was a core implementation in bonobo 1.0, I ported it to Gnome 2.0
but Chema seems to have binned it - I don't know where that work went -
Chema ? Copies of the original 1.0 version are in CVS module 'bonobo'

	What do you want to use this for though ?



Just now, I would like to add printing to mozilla-bonobo if possible. Later, I think it will be useful to print compound documents. It is something I have tested with gnome-1 and which is not in gnome-2 at the moment:-(

Best regards,


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