Build problem with linc->ORBit2->libbonoboui. I'm stuck :(

I suspect I am ultimately missing something obvious here, but I have
been beating my head against this problem for a day now and I'm getting
frustrated. All of the builds I am talking about below are clean builds
into pristine install locations and have been repeated multiple times. I
am using up-to-the-minute CVS HEAD versions of the whole box and dice.

The linc library recently had some functions added,
amongst which was linc_connection_wait_connected. That is fine; shows this as an externally visible, resolved symbol. The
ORBit2 library builds happily (make check passes, too) and shows
linc_connection_wait_connected as an unresolved symbol.

When I come to build libbonoboui, things explode in the samples/
subdirectory. The usual error message (from samples/bonoboui) is

/gnome/head/INSTALL/lib/ undefined reference to `linc_connection_wait_connected'
/gnome/head/INSTALL/lib/ undefined reference to `linc_source_create_watch'
/gnome/head/INSTALL/lib/ undefined reference to `linc_connection_get_status'
/gnome/head/INSTALL/lib/ undefined reference to `linc_connection_disconnect'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make[3]: *** [bonobo-hello] Error 1

and that's all, she wrote. :-(

The link of hello.o and libraries into bonobo-hello that was going on at
this point included both -lORBit-2 and -llinc, so I just don't get why
the symbols are not resolving properly.

Is anybody else seeing this problem? Am I just cursed? Everything was
working quite happily up until a day or two ago and not enough has
changed to warrant this problem (I would have thought).

This feels like it should be easy to fix, but I have apparently been
taking too many stupid pills of late, so I cannoot see it. Any help
would be appreciated.


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