a moniker resolution problem...

if I attempt to open a postscript file with a colon ':' in its name, ggv
refuses to fetch the proper control. other files work just fine.

here is what I get upon opening a file named "file_with_a_:.ps":

jaka fish:~/pstest$ ggv file_with_a_\:.ps
GGV-Message: filename == file:///home/jaka/pstest/file_with_a_%3A.ps
(ggv:31411): Bonobo-WARNING **: Stream extender:
(ggv:31411): GGV-WARNING **: Could not get GGV control: 'Object not
found in storage'

the exception reported makes me think that gnome-vfs was unable to find
the file although it exists and can be read. what is it that I am doing



email: jaka gnu org
w3:    http://pluton.ijs.si/~jaka

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