Re: Bonobo-activation 2.1.0 asynchronous broken ?

Hi Frederic,

On Mon, 2002-11-18 at 23:25, Frederic Crozat wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm currently updating Mandrake cooker to GNOME 2.1.2 (from 2.0.2) by
> step : only one package at a time, checking everything else still works
> correctly (since GNOME 2.2 is supposed to be ABI compatible with 2.0..)
> I'm stuck with a problem with bonobo-activation 2.1.0 and gnome-session
> (2.0.7) /gnome-control-center ( :
> while starting gnome-session, the entire session stalls when
> gnome-session tries to start gnome-settings-daemon asynchroniously..

	Changes in bonobo-activation which allowed us to not
unset the $SESSION_MANAGER env var in bonobo-activation-daemon
caused gnome-settings-daemon to try and connect to the
session manager. I fixed it by having g-s-d not connect to
the session manager (it shouldn't). You need gnome-control-center
2.1.1 if you're using HEAD or a recent CVS version of the 
gnome-2-0 branch. We could really do with a release of gnome-2-0.

	Hmm. I hadn't realised the activation of g-s-d was
an async activation - why the deadlock was occuring, I now
have no idea ..

Good Luck,

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