Re: Kparts and Bonobo..

Hi Erik,

Op vr 14-09-2001, om 09:56 schreef Erik Bågfors:
> Hi all
> At you can find a link to a document about KDE components.
> In that document they explain why Kparts is good and why corba and
> ofcourse bonobo if bad for a desktop.  
> So.  I would like to know alittle more about the differences between the
> component-systems.  I'm sure that both systems are great technology and
> I'm not trying to start a flame-war.  I wanted to ask this question
> before this article but never got aroung to do it.
> I know next to nothing about KParts and alittle more about bonobo but
> not a whole lot there either.  It seams like the documentation for
> KParts is alittle bit better than the documentation for bonobo.
> I'd love to see a "convert your program to a component"-tutorial for
> bonobo like there is a short one for Kparts.

Please take a look at my Bonobo Controls tutorial:

It's extremely simple to create a Bonobo component (control) from a
regular gtk-widget, in fact I show this in the tutorial (ipentry is a
gtkwidget I've written as well:

 BonoboControl* control;
 GtkWidget*     ipentry;

 ipentry = gtk_ip_entry_new ();
 gtk_widget_show (ipentry);

 /* create a BonoboControl from a widget */
 control = bonobo_control_new (ipentry);

and on the container side we can start it with:

 /* get a widget, containing the control */
control = bonobo_widget_new_control(IPCTRL_OAFIID, 

[I must admit that I can only judge KParts by the article you refered

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