Re: .oaf files in share/oaf


First let me quote to FHS:

'This hierarchy is intended to be shareable among all architecture
platforms of a given OS; thus, for example, a site with i386, Alpha, and
PPC platforms might maintain a single /usr/share directory that is
centrally-mounted. Note, however, that /usr/share is generally not
intended to be shared by different OSes or by different releases of the
same OS. '

On 23 Jun 2001, Mathieu Lacage wrote:

> Are there people really doing this ?
> This case seems to be really theoretical: many other things will break
> before that if you do what you describe.

I'd like to hear the Sun guys' opionon on this, since they are the ones
who actively use and deploy systems where a single badass server is
serving a LOT of clients. (I am also expecting Jim Gettys to get on my

I do admit that I am not using such a setup (heh I'm not administering
anything beyond my three boxen at home), and I will certainly not push
this issue, but the platform change seems like a good time to fix issues
like that.

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