Re: GConf debate ... the hermenutical key

On Mon, Jun 18, 2001 at 01:40:00AM +0100, Sander Vesik wrote:
> Another thing - people still working on getting their application ready
> and doing so on gnome-1.4 can very esily make use of gconf and then when
> moving to gnome-2.0 just not touch that part of the code - essentially
> foregoing the need to retest a non-trivial part of their programs
> (preferences). 

Gnumeric still uses the gnome_config cruft specificly because of the
ambiguity in direction between pure gconf and bonobo-conf(ig).  I'd
rather not waste the time migrating to an api (gconf) that may be
deprecated in favour of PropertyBags.

Delaying the jump to new interfaces is what has slowed gnome
development and forced revolutionary rather than evolutionary
api change.

- libxml : We should have made the jump to 2.0 as a group long ago
  (eg post 1.2) Look at the bugs and wasted effort due to continued
  use of the old code.

- gtk : I'm sure it has lots of wonderful improvements but after two
  plus years there are so many that it will be a huge mouthful to
  swallow and port to.  For 2.0 applications seem likely to be
  minimally ported to the new api, just enough to get them working.
  We'll need a number of point releases for the apps to get caught
  up to the platform and start actually using the new features.

If we're going to use a new api we need to get it out there more
quickly and not build up swaths of semi overlapping 'pending' apis.

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