Re: oafd lifecycle

On 16 Jul 2001, Havoc Pennington wrote:

> Elliot Lee <sopwith redhat com> writes:
> > Also, a timeout does not distinguish between oafd-as-objectdirectory
> > (which needs to timeout), oafd-as-activationcontext (which needs to die
> > with the session), and oafd-as-both (the lifetime of which is uncertain).
> >
> Yikes. So, I have zero understanding of this -
>  - what is an object directory

List of available & active implementations.

>  - what is an activation context

Query broker aka list of object directories to use for answering queries.

> Also, it turns out that pstree shows OAF as child of init, so I'm not
> sure what's going on there. (I guess it's that we spawn it via the
> double fork.) So now I don't know why oafd is currently dying with the
> session...

I'm not sure how pstree creates its tree - by parent process, not process
group, I would suspect.

-- Elliot
Your freedom to change my source code does not translate into my
responsibility to foist your changes upon users at large.

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