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As I didn't get an answer to below e-mail, I am wondering if something is wrong with it? Is the question stupid or is this just the wrong list for this kind of questions?


On 11 Jul 2001 20:31:59 +0200, Lutz Müller wrote:

I am currently trying to fix gnumeric's handling of bonobo-objects.

Situation: You can activate a bonobo-object in gnumeric by double-clicking on it. At this point, the bonobo-object's menu items will get added to gnumeric's menu (guided by placeholders). If the bonobo-object is deactivated, those menu items will disappear. So far so good.

The problem is that the names of gnumeric's menu items and those of the bonobo-object (in my case EOG) aren't necessarily different. Right now, when the EOG-object is activated, you end up with a File menu like this:

- New
- ...
- Save As (from gnumeric)
- Send (from gnumeric)
- Save As (from EOG)
- Send (from EOG)
- Print Setup (from gnumeric)
- Print Preview (from gnumeric)
- Print (from gnumeric)
- Print Setup (from EOG)
- Print Preview (from EOG)
- Print (from EOG)
- ...

You cannot distinguish the gnumeric's menu items of EOG' ones.

Possible solutions:
(1) As far as I know, the KDE guys would hide gnumeric's menus while the bonobo-object is activated.
(2) Bonobo could hide only those menu entries of gnumeric that are also provided by the bonobo-object.
(3) Bonobo could make the bonobo-object's menu items appear differently. Or gnumeric's ones greyed out (but still accessible)?

I cannot fix this alone.
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