Re: scripting with bonobo

>>>>> "Dirk-Jan" == Dirk-Jan C Binnema <> writes:

    > Well, the add_object method gives you the opportunity to insert
    > object refs with no directly relation to your one, single host
    > object.  

That is one ugly hack.

    > In Python and Perl you could get such refs to *new*
    > objects by creating them 'by hand' (i.e. creating a reference to
    > IDL:Evolution/Message:1.0); however, in VBScript/JavaScript (on
    > MS platform), there is no way to do 'CreateObject()' or
    > something (unless you add such method yourself). 

Yes, there is.  Just use "GetObject".

    > Also, your host app may have more than one *specific* instances
    > it may want to inject into the scripting environment. For
    > example in the Gnumeric case I could think of a 'script console
    > window' in which scripts throw output (like the Java console in
    > Netscape). You want to share the reference to this console
    > window across scripts, but it's surely not accesible through the
    > Gnumeric object model.

Then we make it accessible.  No big deal.


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