useful API calls...

Hi Maciej,

On 27 Jun 2000, Maciej Stachowiak wrote:
> Another annoying problem is that useful API calls for many interfaces
> are actually implemented in the libbonobo wrappers, and not expressed
> at all in the IDL, which makes them inaccessible to anyone trying to 
> use the CORBA interfaces directly (which I presume would happen for 
> scripting langauges, or else you'd need a special language binding for
> every Bonobo interface defined, which misses part of the point us
> using CORBA in the first place). OAF and GConf have this problem too
> to some degree.

	I don't know which methods you are thinking about; but I am
certain that some methods do not belong in the idl. eg.


	will never be added to the Stream interface, furthermore, when we
get to using streams a lot; I imagine an 'f'open style buffered IO scheme
will be implemented so people can do fgetc, fputc, fungetc etc. with
impunity and speed with no significant CORBA overhead. I see no reason
whatsoever to put this sort of thing into a CORBA interface; it would
totaly defeat the point.

	Perhaps I have missed your beef ?



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