Re: why doesn't oafd register OD and AC on startup?

On Tue, 13 Jun 2000, Jaka Mocnik wrote:

> Yes, why? Is there a deeper reason that I don't know about? ;)
> Imagine the following scenario: an oafd is spawned on by some process,
> not via liboaf that would register it immediately, liboaf is then used
> from another process to activate an object or register a server or sth.
> like that. As the AC and OD provided by the already spawned oafd are not
> registered yet (no calls to liboaf that would register them were made),
> the second process spawns its own oafd via liboaf. This way you have two
> oafds running instead of one.
> The attached patch solves this problem. is it OK to commit it?

No. The client knows where to register things, oafd doesn't.

-- Elliot
"Moron of the week" for four years running

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