Re: nautilus build sucks.

On Tue, Jun 06, 2000 at 09:45:23AM +0200, Mathieu Lacage wrote:
> Elliot Lee <> writes:
> The problem is that you want OAF to be able to fetch all the OAF files
> all by itself. Maciej did some kind of self-solution which makes use of 
> the OAFINFO_PATH. To quote him: 

Actually, it's OAF_INFO_PATH :)

> The IDL file problem should be solved in a similar way: 
> everytime you install some GNOME stuff in a new prefix, you add it
> in GNOME_PATH and the --idl switch (to be written ;) of gnome-config
> will return the proper include path for orbit-idl.
> The above requires us to add a new field to the scripts:
> IDL_INCLUDE.I can provide patches for the libs which require this.

if you do gnome-config --cflags idl in the current gnome-config, you
already get what you want.

No need to patch anything. And I already have an OAF patch to support
GNOME_PATH too ready, I just haven't submitted it, because OAF really
doesn't like having a location in its Object Activation path twice.


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