Re: Oaf default build...

On 31 May 2000, Miguel de Icaza wrote:

> > (Addendum to previous message - UNIX socket connections are always marked
> > authenticated.)
> > 
> > Nobody has come up with a better solution, and I do not feel comfortable
> > removing this solution (perfect or not) to a known problem.
> Well, I am not talking about removing features I am talking about
> making it secure.  Maybe I did not understand your security system as
> described before, but if I got it right, then it is useless.
> I think that we might be better off using the cookie scheme as using
> in gnorba.

Why is it more useless to have one cookie per object than to have one
cookie per process?

-- Elliot
"Moron of the week" for four years running

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