Re: bonobo_object_ref

Michael Meeks <> writes:

> I'd like to update this function to do:
> BonoboObject *bonobo_object_ref (BonoboObject *object);
> Merely to reduce line count in some places; it seems fairly
> harmless;

I really hate code which does this:

do_something (bonobo_object_ref (obj));

Basically, as soon as you want to debug this with gdb, you get into
some really evil stuff. Even worse is return do_something () but that 
is not the point here.

> 	Any objections ?

Yes, I really do not like it.
        1) code does not gain in clarity
        2) debugging is more painful

I really wonder why people try to write code less redundant/verbose.

Just my 2 cents.


Mathieu Lacage <>

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