dangling extern vars

Sergey I. Panov writes:
 > The following "extern" variables in bonobo are not declared in any 
 > of the C files. 
 > gnome-embeddable.h:
 >  ...
 >  extern POA_GNOME_Embeddable__epv gnome_embeddable_epv;

    Oops, this is my fault.  We don't export the epv in this way
anymore.  You should use gnome_embeddable_get_epv() and

 > Somebody forgot to put corresponding declarations in gnome-object.c
 > and gnome-embeddable.c

    They used to be there; I removed them and switched us to use the
gnome_*_get_epv() routines so that we can override inherited methods

    Fixed in CVS.


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