Re: component architecture

> I think that once we get the idl compiler and the support in MICO for C
> (and some other languages), then we can begin discussion on interfaces and
> design/publish a well-concieved set of interfaces for :
> 	1) interacting with the WM and Panel
> 	2) interacting with the Network
> 	3) Interacting with other software (Like audio players, etc)

I think we ought to follow a "bazaar" bottom-up implementation
approach rather than do a "cathedral" top-down interface design.

The best thing I can think to figure out interfaces would be to try to
cut out parts of the implementation of existing free software apps,
and replace them with calls to CORBA bits.

That would probably generate quite ugly interfaces to start.  But I
think they could evolve quite quickly as people interate on 'em.

I think we should avoid defining interfaces to services if there is no
implementation available.

Heck - even the OMG requires an implementation to be available within
one year of defining an interface (and they don't usually share

Nobody has ever mixed the "bazaar" development model with CORBA before.
I think it could be explosive.  :-)


 - Jim

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