CM via GCM AND different apps?

Nikita Sagl nikita.s at
Mon Nov 1 17:33:35 UTC 2010


Using: GCM on Ubuntu 10.04

my name is Nikita, I live in Austria Vienna and as i'm finding my own
business at the moment, with a children's learning game, I have to
design lots of working-cards.

Now my first question to you:
I have activated CMS Desktopwide using the "Gnome color manager", which
seems to work pretty well. And I have calibrated the monitor using a
spyder2express with argyll.
Now: When i have already activated CM for my Desktop using "Gnome color
manager", is it then necessary to activate CM in scribus, gimp,
digikam,... or is it contraproductive, because it would do a second
color correction on the already corrected graphiccard-output, giving me
wrong colors in the end?

Thanks for your response,
Nikita Sagl

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