[build status]Dear Investors

Hello, Dear E-gold Investment!

Reasonable Profit Club is a private investment program that specializes in Forex trading. We have smart brokers not only in US markets, but in Europe too. Our own strategy makes stable profit in a month.

Your investment will be added to the big sum of money that are used by us in smart and effective trading, so you get big money with your small amounts, only by adding to our big trading capital.

One big amount can make big money, you have a chance to be a part and to earn doing nothing.

Really good investment is not less than $1,000.00 and good traders know that. Making deal with us, you have an opportunity to become rich and respectable man, and we value your time and money.

We don't have any referral system to avoid spam and other illegal activity in internet. People who are really interested had already invested with us, you can be next.

We are fully anonymous and private group, we only know your account number and amount which will be invested. You will never have to pay any taxes while making business with us, no spam will be never send to you as we don't have any database, we will never use any password to access your account to steal money, we are not asking for any.

Our main aim is trading and smart investment of your capital.



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